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Weekly French Grammar Sessions

Did you know French grammar could be fun? Our sessions definitely get lots of smiles!


We run sessions on Zoom on Thursday mornings at 11am and on Fridays at 1pm. Both sessions last an hour.


What do we do?


In the Thursday sessions we look at a particular grammar point, which could be a tense, a word with multiple meanings (such as 'de'), or a common 'difficulté' such as 'bien' versus 'bon'. We then read a current article from the Internet that showcases the grammar focus and run an interpreting exercise also based on this, which is fast-paced, stimulating and fun.


The Friday session is similar except that we read an Internet article first, then complete an 'analyse du texte' where we identify different  grammar points, paraphrase sentences and translate some sentences from English to French. The last half of the session is an interpreting exercise.


Who are these for?


The Thursday sessions are slightly easier as there is always a grammar explanation but we are trained teachers, who are able to subtly differentiate in the lesson so that everyone can participate. We also send out the material a few days before the session, so that people can gem up beforehand - the teacher-speak for this is flip-learning and it's a great way to make loads of progress.


What next?


The groups are limited in size but you don't have to sign up to a term or a course. Each lesson is a stand-alone session so you can pick and choose when you come, subject to availability. Each session costs £10.


If you're not sure that this is for you, but you'd like to brush up on your French grammar, there's always our Online Grammar Course of 10 lessons, which has proved really popular during these tricky times. It costs £30.


Still undecided?


Get in touch, and we'll discuss this with you and send you a sample of the Online Grammar Course and a Zoom grammar session.

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