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Online French Grammar Course Part 1 (Reduced during lockdown)


Bienvenue to LivelyLanguages’ French Grammar Course Part 1. This course is for those with rusty French, for those who want to feel more confident using French, or for people who would like to fast-track learning French. If you attend or would like to attend one of our French conversation groups, this course complements the language and grammar used in our dialogues. The course also covers the essential grammar for GCSE – and is a great revision tool.
The course provides you with explanations and practice of French grammar and covers the following topics:
1. The Present Tense
2. The Future Tense
3. Adjectives
4. The Conditional Tense
5. Reflexive verbs
6. Pronouns
7. The Perfect Tense
8. Negatives
9. The Perfect Tense with Être
10. The Imperfect Tense
Each topic has three main components: a grammar explanation, online quizzes and an online forum. You read through the grammar explanations, complete the quizzes to check your understanding and use the forum as an opportunity to showcase your French. We will read and reply to all forum posts and this is also a place where you can ask for extra explanations or clarifications.
Each lesson should take between 30 mins and one hour. The lessons are emailed weekly for ten weeks, but if you want to work faster than that, drop me an email and you’ll get them sooner.
Happy learning and enjoy the grammar!
À bientôt,