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For the French conversation groups in Farnham, Petersfield, Pulborough, Elsetad, Guildord, Brighton & Hove, Reigate & Redhill for the weeks beginning 30th November and 3rd December 2020, click on the blue buttons below.


Would you like to be more confident in your use of French grammar? Try our online French Grammar Course - 10 lessons with quizzes and a forum in which to use the grammar. Cost (during the Corona virus): £30 plus lots of support just an email away. Barbara-Anne said, 'It's brilliant!'

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Online French Grammar Course

Ne paniquez pas! Tranquilízate! Beruhig dich...


We love to help and we love grammar, so send us your French, Spanish or German grammar connundrum by clicking this button and we'll reply...

French, Spanish and German panic button 30.11 Jugar a 20 preguntas keep-calm-and-ask-questions-web 23.11 Unterwegs 30.11 Jouer au 20 questions 30.11 Un poco de ornitología

For the German conversation group in Elstead for the weeks beginning 30th November and 3rd December2020, click on the red buttons below.

7.12 A la fête de la paella 30.11 Vögel beobachten 30.11 Un peu d'ornithologie 7.12 A la fiesta de paella 23.11 Beim Dorfbäcker 30.11 Das 20 Fragen Spiel 7.12 Moins d'un mois jusqu'à Noël

For the Spanish conversation groups in Farnham, Elstead, Guildford, Reigate & Redhill in the weeks beginning 30th November and 3rd December 2020, click on the yellow buttons below.

7.12 Falta un mes hasta Navidad

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