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Private tuition for adults

Do you like the sound of our methodology for learning French and Spanish?


Not everyone can attend our conversation groups but we can bring the concept to you via Skype. This is a very focussed way to make quick progress in French or Spanish. Some people love the grammar, whereas other people prefer to learn by modelling the language. Every session will contain at least one dialogue to practise. By the end of the sessions, the dialogues are generally committed to memory and can be manipulated to say something very different.


There are several options:


Option 1: 1 hour consisting of 30 minutes with a grammar explanation and a speaking activity, followed by one of our dialogues that consolidates the language taught. £40


Option 2: 1 hour consisting of two separate dialogues, each looking at a different grammatical point or lexis. £40


Option 3: A 30 minute lesson involving a dialogue with a particular grammatical point or lexis, but the grammar or vocabulary is studied at home independently beforehand. £25


Option 4: A 30 minute lesson involving a dialogue. £20


All material is sent to you before the session so that you can do as much or as little preparation as you like.


You can ask for particular topics of conversation and if we don't already have them, we'll write them for you.


Any of the above options can be shared with a friend and done on group Skype.


Why not give this a go? It's a great way to learn. But be aware, there are limited sessions available.



Hope to speak to you soon, Angela

“I started working with Angela several months ago having tried in vain to find a local teacher to help me with my Spanish.  It is not easy to commit to a course or evening class when you work full time and travel a lot as I do so using Skype to have our classes has been brilliant for me.  Angela is flexible when I can have my lesson and I don’t have to worry about travel time to and from my lesson, we just get straight down to business!



Our Skye sessions give me a perfect mechanism for still having direct contact with a tutor but without the hassle of the travel, plus I can do it wherever I am in the world!”



“I had wanted to learn Spanish for several years but not had the time or the confidence to go to a structured class.  My wife started working with Angela several months ago so I decided I would try too.  I have found that working via Skype gives me the confidence to speak and practice in a way that I know I would not have done in a class, but working on a 1:1 basis there is nowhere to hide!


I have come on enormously in a short period of time and I know that without our Skype sessions and Angela’s tuition I would not have achieved this.”



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