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Musical chairs French - new for January 2019!



I’m thrilled to be offering a French club at St James on Fridays from 8 – 8.35 am. This is aimed primarily at Year 6 pupils to enable them to learn French in fun sessions, with the emphasis on speaking. (The club can also be offered to Year 5 if there are any spaces.) The content of the sessions includes learning numbers, talking about themselves, using colours, saying what hurts, buying fruit and vegetables in euros and expressing opinions – all vocabulary that Rodborough has suggested is useful for French in Year 7.


My background: I am an experienced languages teacher and have taught GCSE and A level French and Spanish for many years. I currently teach part-time to pupils in years 5 to 8, but in addition to that, I have been running my own language school for over six years which offers French and Spanish conversation groups to adults. Over the course of my career, I have developed many communicative games that give children the opportunity to speak a foreign language with a purpose, within a learning environment.


If enough people are interested, I’d offer a weekly 35-minute sessions at St James at a cost of £7.50 per session.


Please contact me if you’d like your child to join this club in January 2019.





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