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We're running a free French and a free Spanish course during lockdown. With these courses, you'll find that you learn French/ Spanish for typical holiday situations very quickly These tried and tested lively courses (5 hours contact time on Zoom plus 10 conversations to pre-learn) give you the language, skills and confidence to enjoy speaking the language on holiday.


Topics include ordering food, asking for directions and buying souvenirs. Lessons are emailed to you weekly, plus you can hear and learn the language on Quizlet. Once prepared, we meet on Zoom to practise the conversations to fluency in the break out rooms in pairs. This is a fun and informal way to learn enough language to get by in typical tourist situations.


LivelyLanguages' innovative speed-dating technique, with the emphasis on you speaking, is a highly effective way to kick-start a language.


‘Best course ever!’ was how Lisa described it and Clare said, ‘Great concept!' Tamzin's comment was, 'Great having a chance just to speak. All local knowledge and insight really useful and interesting'. Merci tout le monde!


And Jane said, 'I have recently completed the Lively Holiday Spanish course. It was great fun, informal and covered all the basics (directions, hotel bookings, ordering food, pharmacy, buying stamps, talking about family etc). I am now planning for my upcoming trip to Spain safe in the knowledge that I can order my large glass of Rose, get various medicines in the local pharmacy and ask for directions to the loo (all very important!)...plus much more!!!'


Cost: free during lockdown


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Free during lockdown!


It's good to keep busy and positive.

So if you're dreaming of going to France or Spain, why not learn enough of the language to get by for when you're there? 

Start date: Monday 27th April 2020

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