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German conversation groups

Are you planning to go to Germany, or a German-speaking country, and would like to get by without a phrasebook?


Have you done lots of classes and courses, or learnt German at school, but would like to improve your fluency and see what you still know?


Do you hear yourself saying, 'I can understand German but I can't speak it?'


Or would you like more opportunities to speak this lovely language? If so, this conversation group is perfect for you!


What now? Please get in touch! We have been running French and Spanish conversation groups for six years and have been asked to run a German one too. We just need a minimum number of 3 people to start a group.






This is what happens in each session:  Two conversations are practised per week, to achieve full or near fluency. The conversation topics include ordering drinks and food, asking for directions, striking up a conversation, shopping in the chemists and buying in the market and chatting with friends. Our sessions are so much fun that we can't call them classes or courses but you'll learn so much and will be amazed by what you say.


We send you the conversation vocabulary beforehand so you can familiarise yourself with it using Quizlet and then, with our cribsheets, practice them to fluency or near fluency at the session. Our tried and tested method is very effective and also fun and sociable... you'll find out when you give it a go! And don't forget, the first session is always free! After that, the sessions cost £10 pay as you go, or you can pre-book 5 sessions for £45 and the dates don't have to be consecutive. All sessions are run by teachers, graduate linguists or native speakers.


Come and join us - Sie werden willkommen sein!


German Conversation Groups:


The Woolpack, Elstead, Milford Road, Elstead, Surrey GU8 6HD

Wednesdays, 8.00-9.00pm


Coming in January! German at the Seven Stars, Stroud, near Petersfield. Details to be confirmed nearer the time.





Pam B started attending Spanish in September 2016 and wrote, 'Lively Languages has loosened my tongue.  I love learning Spanish, but I have had no opportunity to speak it until now.  With LivelyLanguages’ technique, I am learning colloquial Spanish, and with its helpful flashcard computer prompts, I am ready for the weekly exchange of conversation with friendly co-learners.  The atmosphere is fun and friendly and it offers a sense of achievement.'  





Contact us Click here for the vocabulary for this week £45 for 5 German sessions £10 for 1 German session Vocabulary link: taster session at the Seven Stars, Weds 4 Dec, 3.30pm