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22 January 2017: We're considering offering German conversation groups. Would you be interested? Please let us know...


4th December 2016: Some local French and Spanish events to keep the languages active:
















24th May 2016: Now you see them, now you don't! Our pop-up French and Spanish holiday courses (4.5 hours over three sessions) are running again in June and July and equip you with enough French/ Spanish to get by in typical tourist situations with confidence. Our speed-dating  technique makes this all the more memorable!






15th Jan 2016: Lovely feedback this week from a member of the Elstead group: 'That was such a fun session last night, your energy is amazing!' Merci beaucoup pour le compliment - I love our sessions too :)


14th January 2016: We're very excited! Our online French grammar course is complete. This involves 10 lessons sent weekly by email, plus online quizzes to consolidate the grammar and a forum in which to practice it. Great for anyone who attends or is thinkinf of attending our conversation groups, plus anyone who'd like to refresh their grammar. The course also covers essential GCSE grammar - parfait! Cost: £70


23rd Aug 2013: The 'Eat and Speak Spanish' evening was muy sociable and great fun. Everyone ordered their tapas in Spanish after an hour's tuition - speed-dating style, claro! Oh, and did I mention, the tapas were deliciosas!




Pop up French and Spanish holiday courses
Salsa nights in Badshot Lea - we've been, they're great! Pedro Almodóvar’s film, Julieta, at The Maltings, Farnham on March 1st 2017 Monthly French lectures organised by Amitiés Françaises in Godalming Spanish evening at The Mill, Elstead, March 18th 2017 Guildford Chamber Choir - French music for organ and choir, March 11th 2017