Learn what to say, say what you learn!

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Everything you need for your taster session

for the week beginning 11th January 2021

Hallo, hola and bonjour!


Horray! We're really looking forward to seeing you in your taster session. You'll see that we have developed an innovative technique using crib sheets. This allows people with different levels of language to hold a conversation together, and more importantly, to meet new people and to have fun!


Click on the links below to print your crib sheets (double-sided if possible) or be able to read them from another device. Don't worry, everything will become clear in the session as we talk you through the technique...


When you click on the Zoom details, you'll be able to access the group you've rsvp'd to.


Bis bald, hasta pronto, à plus tard,


Angela, Penny, Sabine, Ray and Sabrina

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