Learn what to say, say what you learn!

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Corporate training

Does your company deal with clients in French or Spanish speaking countries? Being able to speak some of the language could be enough to close a deal or develop a business relationship.


Our 1 day corporate training courses of 4.5 hours will give you or your staff the confidence to engage in certain conversations and mean that you'll have some autonomy when abroad - your client will be impressed when you order their food in the restaurant. And don't forget that cultural awareness will pay dividends...


Using our innovative speed-dating technique, this course will get you speaking with a suprising level of fluency after a short time.


The course is already written but we can add bespoke dialogues to tailor the course to your requirements.


However, if you prefer weekly training session, we are happy to provide these too!


Contact us for details on prices as these vary according to your needs.

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